Getting the right designer for you

Hiring an Interior Designer

The right interior designer has the perfect blend of creativity, skills, personality and professionalism. The best relationship is built on trust and comfort.

Interior Design is designing the internal structure and layout of buildings to suit the client’s requirements. An interior designer will be qualified by training and/or experience to plan and supervise the design and execution of interiors and their furnishings, and to organize the various arts and accessories essential to their completion.
The professional interior designer provides a full consultancy service; will be multi-faceted; and will apply creative and technical solutions within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. The professional interior designer is intent on improving the psychological and/or physiological well being of their clients and achieves this by understanding their clients’ needs and seeking appropriate solutions. Not to be confused with an interior decorator who would only deal with soft furnishing, color schemes and accessories, interior design involves a multitude of technical, analytical, creative skills, and understandings of architectural elements.

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