Design research & concept – Annex 1

Bathroom presentation

Includes understanding your requirements, we will give you key advice by gathering pertinent information. Your must-haves and wants will be listed to better comprehend your specific needs.
The preliminaries are the most important part of all annexes, this is where drawings will be issued and a concept design is established.
This Package will include different views of your space, in 3-D images. This will help you envision your space as if you where there. We can also have your renderings in full realistic photo images.
EXECUTION DRAWINGSConstruction package
Execution Technical Production Plan drawings and details will be part of this package including material calculations pertinent for contractors and sub trades in order for them to issue out pricing.
Once a budget has been established by the client, we will research the necessary products and materials with-in your budget or our recommendations. This Annex will facilitate the quantities for the tender process and will be indicated on the Finishing Plans of the Execution construction drawing package.
A Millwork Package will be required if Custom Furniture is chosen. This annex will be presented at a larger scale and will include precise details of all elements required to build the components in order to have estimates issued for budget purposes.

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