How Do I Find The Best Interior Designer Or Decorator For My Project?


Referrals from your friends, neighbors and trusted advisors like your real estate agent are the best sources for information. Once you receive a few names, go to the designer’s website to review their portfolio.

Many designers do a variety of work even if their portfolios show a predominant style. Look for something that appeals or speaks to you, and then check online to get reviews about the designers you are interested in interviewing.

When you interview a designer, you may request references. If you’d like to see projects that a designer has done, just ask the designer to arrange that after you’ve narrowed your choices to one or two.

Decide what level of service you want from an interior designer before you call, and then ask if they do that type of work when you talk to him or her. The more experienced designers are more expensive because they are more efficient and knowledgeable in most cases.

Make sure you have rapport with the designer since this is a long-term relationship.

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