What Is The Difference Between An Interior Designer And An Interior Decorator?

An interior designer has completed education through an accredited college or university, and in some states, must pass the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualifications) comprehensive exam to be … Continue Reading →


Do I Need An Interior Designer Or An Architect?

If an interior designer consults on a construction project, they can redesign spaces that require moving or removing walls unless they are load-bearing. If they are load-bearing, an architect, general … Continue Reading →


How Do I Find The Best Interior Designer Or Decorator For My Project?

Referrals from your friends, neighbors and trusted advisors like your real estate agent are the best sources for information. Once you receive a few names, go to the designer’s website … Continue Reading →


How do interior designers work?

Each interior designer works differently. The typical method of billing is an hourly fee plus mark-up or an hourly fee with a discount from suggested retail on purchases. A few … Continue Reading →


How do designers take payments?

It’s important to understand how the designer charges prior to starting a project. Some designers charge for their initial consultations because they are providing design advice during the first meeting. … Continue Reading →


Do I need a general contractor, or can the interior designer manage the process for us?

Rarely do interior designers act as general contractors If a designer does provide construction observation, it is typically provided by the hour. Most designers recommend a few general contractors and … Continue Reading →


Where do the biggest problems arise in interior design working arrangements?

As with all relationships, it’s about communication. If you’re unhappy with something, tell the interior designer. If you’re exceptionally precision-oriented and the designer is not, then you can run into … Continue Reading →


What if I find the same product online and it is less expensive? Is the designer being unfair with me?

Not necessarily. Designers buy from resources they trust, and although you may find a product that is less expensive, the construction may be inferior, so be sure to find out … Continue Reading →

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How do I get the best result from my interior designer?

Have a good idea of what you want to accomplish and what your design taste is before you call a designer. Spend time looking at home furnishings magazines for ideas, … Continue Reading →


What else should I know?

Each designer offers a different level of service, and this often determines their fees. If you make a decision to hire someone because their hourly fee is less, you may … Continue Reading →


Questions to ask your interior designer over the phone.

How long have you been in business? Are you an interior designer or a decorator? Do you specialize in a particular style of design? Do you work with clients who … Continue Reading →

What is Interior Design

What is Interior Design

Avoid Interior Design Nightmares What You Should Know Before You Hire An Interior Designer SEE THE 10 QUESTIONS BELOW – before you hire your interior designer You’re ready to personalize … Continue Reading →