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Why Hire a Professional NKBA Designer

What is the one thing you will afford NOT to have for your next kitchen or bathroom project? How about the services of a professional designer? Did you know that … Continue Reading →

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Understanding the Remodeling Process

The kitchen and bath are the most essential rooms in a home. These spaces should be comfortable and welcoming, while reflecting both the homeowner’s personality and a safe and efficient … Continue Reading →

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What to Expect…When Expecting a New Kitchen or Bath: Part I

For the uninitiated, the idea of remodeling conjures up visions of peace, tranquility and style, as the sugar plums of storage, functioning fixtures/appliances and beautiful colors go dancing in their … Continue Reading →

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What to Expect…When Expecting a New Kitchen or Bath: Part II

In the first installment of this article, we looked at planning as the first key to unlocking the door to a successful remodel project. In this second installment, we will … Continue Reading →

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Do’s and Don’ts to Help Manage Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel

DON’T do it yourself. Remodeling a bedroom, dining room or family room is very different from taking on the challenge of a kitchen or bath. A specialized designer should be … Continue Reading →

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Getting the Most from a Kitchen or Bath Project

Over the course of my design career, I have seen many varieties of remodel and new construction projects. However, one thing has remained constant throughout them all – they are … Continue Reading →